Mechanism of action

Positive effects of RECTOVENAL®Acute medical device are based on the astringent effect of tannins contained in the oak bark extract (Quercus Robur). Tannins with their astringent and soothing effect are beneficial in inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes, they help to heal wounds and alleviate accompanying symptoms at the onset of haemorrhoids. Its ability to create a pretective layer protects sensitive skin and mucous membranes in the rectum from possible infection and secondary infection and promote good antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory tannins of the oak bark.

How does it work

Local effect - Synergistic effect of Quercus robur and flavonoids diosmin and hesperidine in a pharmaceutical form (hydrogel) - helps haemorrhoid healing process in the anorectal area by facilitating recovery and wound regeneration by controlling its microenvironment

  • Oak bark - a complex effect
    • formation of protective (protective) layer (stop bleeding, promote wound healing, reduce inflammation and swelling, protect against external microorganisms, protect against radicals)
  • Flavonoids - a targeted vasoprotective effect
    • effect on venous plexus hemorrhoids (vasospasm, reduction of permeability, reduction of fracture, increase blood vessel tension, protect against blood build-up, facilitate blood flow)
    • supporting the complex effect of oak bark
  • Hydrogel - support wet wound healing

Rectovenal - Mechanism of action

Rectovenal - Mechanism of action