Simple solution for delicate problem.

Clinically proven efficacy + Unique composition
The RECTOVENAL® Acute medical device is used to relieve the symptoms accomapanying the haemorrhoids occurence such as:

  • irritation,
  • itching,
  • burning
  • or oozing

in the anal area.


  • Unique composition The only product for haemorrhoids with diosmin and hesperidin in suspension form
  • Clinically proven safety *
  • Clinically proven efficacy from 15 min *
  • Practical pack for home use - 50 g and SOS size (just in case) - 20 g
  • Practical and simple application (with or without applicator)
  • Odorless, without perfume
  • Not coloring underwear
  • Without a prescription
  • Available in the pharmacy and dispenser of medical devices and online
  • No chemical impurities and risks of undesirable effects

How does it work?

The positive effects of the RECTOVENAL® Acute medical device are based on the shrinking effects of the tannins contained in the oak bark extract (Quercus robur). By their shrinking and soothing effects, the tannins act favourably in skin and mucosa inflammations, facilitate the healing of wounds and relieve thy symptoms accompanying the haemorrhoids occurrence. By their ability to form a protective barrier, the tannins protect the sensitive skin and mucosa in the anal area from possible infection and support their recovery and regeneration. The flavonoids diosmin and heperidin support the favourable antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects ofthe oak bark tannins.

Unique composition

The only gel for haemorrhoids containing diosmin and hesperidine with oak bark bark in suspension, which can be applied directly to the affected site. The active substances diosmin and hesperidine are the best choices for problems with haemorrhoids and varicose veins for decades.

Flebotropic / Vazoprotective effect = targeted effect on venous plexus - Increase vein wall tension and vascular resistance, reduce blood stasis, and suppress bleeding by a mechanism that increases venous tone, inhibits inflammation mediators and promotes lymphatic drainage. The clinical efficacy of diosmin and hesperidin has been repeatedly confirmed and demonstrated in patients with acute haemorrhoidal attack.

Flavonoids are also safe during pregnancy based on clinical experience. Similar to chronic haemorrhoid-induced problems, micronised diosmin and hesperidin can significantly reduce pain, seizure, itching and bleeding. In the postoperative period, they reduce bleeding and reduce the edema (swelling) of soft tissues.

Oak bark – Oak bark extract (Quercus Robur) works in haemorrhoids, sweating of legs, cracks, irritated skin after sunburn and minor burns

  • Helps to release and remove pores (immediately)
  • Supports skin healing
  • The main one is an astringent (pulling) effect
  • Suspension / hydrogel form - induces a wound and condition in the wound as in wet wound healing - works on the principle of creating an optimally wet environment in the wound, hence the concept of wet wound healing or modern wound healing. The wetness of the wound is essential for good wound granulation and epithelization.

* Non-interventional multicentre randomized placebo, non-controlled clinical study 2015, MEDIRAE s.r.o., SR.