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Mária K. 37, Levoča

I have been suffering from haemorrhoids for 7 years, since childbirth. I've tried lots of preparations from suppository and ointment to babies' recipes and baths. I have to say that such rapid relief from pain and stopping bleeding as with Rectoveval acut I have not yet reached with anything else. The Rectovenal is, since first use and relief from pain and bleeding, in each of my handbags. I recommend it.

Zuzana S. 56, Bratislava

Rectovenal was reccomended to me by a surgeon I visited with haemorrhoids and polyps for examination. I have refused surgery and I have an allergy to anesthetics. Physician as the last option - otherwise surgery, prescribed me Rectovenal and Aescin. I use Detralex for a long time. I can say that the combination of these products relieved me of pain, oozing and burning. The first symptoms retreated within an hour and they did not repeat. As if "it" stopped. Absolutely recommend.

Igor 33, Košice

I'm a professional personal fitness trainer and my haemorrhoids made my life so complicated in my profession. They were able to get me out of my ordinary life even for a week, and I'm not talking only about cruel pain. A colleague from the business advised me that this product helped him. I tried to apply it immediately after the force training and it really works. Perfect.

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