Can I use RECTOVENAL Acute during pregnancy and lactation?

The application of RECTOVENAL® Acute in pregnancy or during lactation should be consulted with your physician.

Can the product be taken by a child?

The application of RECTOVENAL® Acute to children or adolescents should be consulted with your physician.

If I feel the first symptoms (slight itching in the anal area) can I use RECTOVENAL® Acute immediately or do I have to wait for a higher stage?

Of course, haemorrhoids can surprise you anytime, anywhere, it is best to have RECTOVENAL® Acute with you and at first symptoms or feel you can apply it immediately, according to the information for use in the package.

Can I apply RECTOVENAL® Acute without an applicator? Does this affect its effectiveness?

The method of administration is up to you, it does not affect the effectiveness. If it is an internal haemorrhoid, it is preferable to use the applicator. See the package information for use.


Do I need a prescription from doctor to buy RECTOVENAL®Acute?

No, the prescription is not needed. You can buy this medical device at any pharmacy, dispenser of medical devices or via internet, without prescription.

What package sizes are available?

Currently, RECTOVENAL® Acute is available in the Slovak market in sizes of 20 g and 50 g.

Combination with other products

Is it possible to use RECTOVENAL®Acute if I actually use other product for varicose veins?

Yes, a combination of the oral form of products with diosmin and hesperidine and local application of gel containing diosmin, hesperidine and oak bark has a synergic-positive effect.

The pharmaciest reccomended to me to use Aescin 30 mg for haemorrhoids. Could I combine Aescin 30 mg with RECTOVENAL®Acute?

Yes, you can. The natural substance Aescin has an anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects and improves blood circulation. In combination with diosmin, hesperidine and oak bark in RECTOVENAL® Acute, it is a highly effective combined therapy of haemorrhoidal disease.

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